Industrial design

Check and find gaps in the client portfolio, improve current products or create new ones from scratch. Doesn’t matter if is a chair, a watch, a broom or packaging box.

Each project is focused from different points of view at once (usefulness, materials, economic requirements, aesthetic issues…) in order to create new objects with meaning, and achieve client expectations.

Interviews and research, drawings, 3d models, mock-ups and prototypes, are the main tools to get this done.


Creative direction

Once solved the product itself, it’s essential to tell the story behind it. Speaking with our clients gives a wide scope of their necessities and their goals.

Manage the colour palette selection, the art direction of the photoshoots and anything related to the aesthetic and motivation behind a product strenghtens the presence and reinforces the product from its DNA to its visual appearance in pictures, catalogs and media.

Javier Leads and coordinates art direction and photographs to get as much as possible for a particular product or range.


Product management

Once the product briefing is defined and the main goals are focused, managing projects become crucial. We lead and coordinate work groups to assure the goal defined by client.

Work planning, communicating with all roles involved in a product (engineers, other designers, marketing..)

The process from ideation to manufacturing is long and challenging and managing the energies of different professionals and roles in this journey is the key to success.

Javier has intuitive understanding of how users will interact with a product both physically and emotionally, has a great command of form and an engineering mind that digs deep into manufacturing precesses and develops unique solutions that utilize the strengths of those techniques to their fullest. It is always a pleasure to work with a Designer with this range and inquisitive drive!
— Evan Clabots | Designer
Javier represents the future direction of Spanish design in a Global context. He combines the mind and approach of a professional with the soul of an artist.
— Joe Doucet | Industrial designer
Our customers have a very specific set of challenging needs, which can often conflict with natural design principles - Javier is committed to his work, ensuring a collaborative style which delivers not only what we asked for, but also additional creative executions of the brief. This has enabled us to challenge our own thinking, consider a number of possible directions for product development and adds overall value to the projects.
— Jayne Shawcross | Head of Mkt. & Product Development, Pineapple Contracts